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Prices & Information

Our Cabins:

Common for stated prices:
The prices are stated with a minimum price.
The final price may depend on, among
other things, the season, final wash,
bed linen or number of people.

Cabin no. 1:
4 bedrooms with a total of 9 beds, + 2 extrabeds can be added.
Shower/toilet, kitchen.
from NOK 1995.- pr night

Cabin no. 2:
3 beds, shower/toilet, small kitchen.
from NOK 995.- pr. night

Cabin no. 3:
4 beds, shower/toilet, small kitchen.
from NOK 995,- pr. night

Cabins no. 4-7:
3 beds, cooking facilities, cold water.
Shower/WC in a building nearby.
from NOK 600,- pr. night

Cabins nr 8-11:
2 bedrooms for 5 persons (1 family bed 2+1, and 2 beds in the attic),
shower/toilet, kitchen.
from NOK 1395,- pr. night

Seaside house:
2 bedrooms for up to 6 persons (2 family bunkbeds, 2+1)
Our finest cabin on the dock, with lots of space (56m2).
Livingroom/kitchen, bathroom, big outdoor room with amazing view. The cabin has, fullsize stove, microwave, coffemaker and waterboiler.
from NOK 1695,- pr. night

The cabins are nice and comfy with a great view!

1-2 person...........................................................365,- pr. night.
Extra person..................................................NOK 30,- pr. night

Accommodation with a Tent:

tent 1 person......NOK 225,- pr. night.                                                                
       2 persons            290,-    
       3 persons            355,-                                                                                                     
       4 persons            425,-

If you book your stay directly with us, and stay 7 nights or longer, we give you 10% discount!

Other information:
The opening hours of the reception is 09:00 - 22:00 (9 AM - 10 PM)

Boat rental: We have 2 small boats for rent, with outbord-engines.
Room for up to 4-5 people in each boat. Price pr hour.....NOK 250,-
The boats are for small sightseeing trips / fishing trips.

Bedlinnens: There are blankets and pillows in all beds, but you must have
bedwear yourself, or you can rent it for.............NOK 100,- pr. person.

Check-out is at 12:00 PM, and Check-in at 15:00 PM.
Earlier check-in can usually be arranged for in advance!

NB: We ask that you clean the cabin before departure, and leave it
in the same order as you rented it. If you don`t clean it,
there is a charge between NOK 200,- to 700,- depending on
which cabin you rent. Ask us if you need more information :)

Terms of cancellation: 14 days in advance: Free
14-8 days in advance: First night to be paid
7-1 days in advance: First night + 50% of total booking
Same day: 100% of total booking


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